Frequently asked questions

What is SUITSME?

SuitsMe is a new luxury dress-up game, which is sure to improve your creative thinking and sense of style. You can participate in challenges and create various looks for your virtual model using clothes, shoes, and accessories designed by various luxury brands.

Can I share my looks and results?

Of course! We believe that your creativity and success are to be celebrated, which is why you can share your favorite looks and challenge results with friends and invite them to join you in SUITSME. To do so, simply click the "Share" button on the challenge result or the dress-up screen. You can also share other players' looks by tapping on them on the result screen.

What is each currency for?

In SUITSME there are three types of currency: diamonds, coins, and keys. Coins and diamonds are used to purchase clothes and accessories, and keys are used to enter your fabulous looks into challenges. In case you don’t have enough keys or coins, you can exchange diamonds for them in the bank.

What do I do if I run out of currency?

If you run out of currency, you can purchase more diamonds in the bank.
You can also complete special Tapjoy offers to receive diamonds for free (available on Android devices only).

How do I claim my gift?

To claim your gift, simply open the bank, where you’ll find a dedicated tab. The gifts become available every 8 hours, so be sure to check into the game regularly.

What is the dress code?

Every challenge has a unique set of dress code requirements, which you need to complete in order to enter an event. Challenges with the blue "Dresscode-free" tag have no special dress code requirements.

How is the challenge score calculated?

The final challenge score is calculated as the sum of the voting results and all bonuses.

What is "My wardrobe"?

Your wardrobe is the collection of all pieces of clothing and accessories that you own in the game. You can see all the items in your wardrobe by going to the Owned tab on the dress-up screen. These items can be bought or won in challenges. Once you reach a certain wardrobe value, you will reach a new level and unlock special prizes.

Which items can I use in the looks?

You can use any of the items you already own or see available in store. In case you want to enter the challenge with items you haven’t bought yet, you will need to purchase them first or change the outfit.

How do I contact you?

In case you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact our team via You can also tap the Contact Support button in the settings section of the game.

How do you use my data?

We take your privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. We automatically collect some of your personal data, as is outlined in the Privacy Policy, in order to customize your experience, provide you support, research your use of the game, etc. In case you have any further questions, please refer to the Privacy Policy, which can be found in the settings section of our game and on our website.