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Frequent questions and help center

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  • What is SUITSME?
    SUITSME is an interactive platform for fashion lovers. In SUITSME you can play with clothes & accessories from famous lux brands while styling your avatar for various occasions. SUITSME is an ideal place to release your fashion fantasy and become part of the like-minded creative community.
  • Can I share my looks and results?
    Of course! We believe that your creativity and success are to be celebrated, which is why you can share your favorite looks and challenge results with friends and invite them to join you in SUITSME. To do so, simply click the "Share" button on the challenge result or the dress-up screen. You can also share other players' looks by tapping on them on the result screen.
  • What is each currency for?
    In SUITSME there are two types of currency: gems and coins. Both of them are used to purchase clothes, accessories, and single-use props. In case you don’t have enough coins, you can exchange gems for them in the bank.
  • What do I do if I run out of currency?
    If you run out of currency, you can purchase more gems in the bank. Moreover, you can earn more coins and gems by voting, watching rewarded videos, keeping the challenge streak active, and regularly collecting your daily prize in the bank and even more rewards in the Season Pass. Besides, we can recommend entering "Dresscode-free" challenges as they have no Glamour Point requirements and Dress Code, so you can style any look you wish using only owned/worn items and still have a chance to score 5 stars. Besides, you can also complete special Tapjoy offers to receive gems for free (available on Android devices only).

If you were unable to find what you were looking for or simply want to provide feedback, please get in touch with our support staff by clicking the “Contact Support” button on the app's loading screen.

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