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30 Clothes You Need

While fashion trends are fun and exciting, it is always good to have a safety net of basic items of clothing to lean on when you want to go for something more classic. These are the times when a capsule wardrobe is exactly what you need. Over the recent years, it seems like everyone has started talking about a capsule wardrobe but what is it and why do you need one? Let’s answer these questions and then see what clothes you need to always have something to wear and look chic.

Capsule wardrobe 101

Before discussing all the items you need for a perfect capsule wardrobe, let’s first talk about what it is and how it’s done. The term “capsule wardrobe” was first coined in the 1970s, and with the growing popularity of minimalism and awareness of the ecological impact of shopping, it became more common over recent years.

A capsule closet is a collection of essential items that work together well and provide for quite a few possible versatile looks without too many clothing items. If you often find yourself staring at all the clothes you own without knowing what to wear, this list might be of help for you. It will not only help you take some stress off from getting ready in the morning but might also stop you from buying unnecessary items that match nothing you already own.

30 essential clothing items

1. Classic coat

Oversized double-breasted coats have been basic for about 40 years, and this is not about to change any time soon. Beige is the best color option as it is classic, professional, and chic.

2. Trench coat

A trench coat is not only trendy nowadays, but it is an all-time favorite of all style icons. Go for mid-length models in black or olive for an iconic look.

3. Leather biker jacket

You don’t need to ride a Harley to wear a biker jacket. Avoid slim fit, and go for oversized models instead. You can also go for vegan leather if that is more your speed.

4. Gray wool cardigan

Choose oversized models for a casual yet stylish look.

5. Black suit

Do not skimp on high-quality tailoring when it comes to a black suit. Wear it with a white button-down for a professional look during the day, or wear it on its own and accessorize with some pearls for a fancy tuxedo look.

6. Pencil skirt

A classic well-tailored pencil skirt that fits your curves can be worn both as a part of a business casual look or dressed up with a nice blouse.

7. Basic jeans

Dark wash denim is a great option as it can be dressed up just as easily as it can be dressed down. Choose whatever style works best for you but avoid any decorations.

8. Evening or cocktail dress

Having a dress for special occasions is a must. Opt for simple designs, high-quality fabrics, and tailoring that flatters your body shape.

9. Watch

Heavy watches that resemble men’s models are great and stylish options that go with pretty much any outfit. Cool tones are more versatile, but you can also go for golden if that is what you prefer.

10. Wide belt

Choose a wide belt that can be worn over dresses, sweaters, and blazers. If you are feeling daring, you can also wear it over outerwear.

11. Long sleeve

A simple cotton crew-neck long sleeve shirt in a basic color. Avoid deep cuts, tight fit, and thin fabrics.

12. V-neck jumper

Go for a beige cashmere v-neck jumper. Beige is a classic color that works for everyone and is easy to style. While cashmere is pricey, it is worth the investment and will serve you a very long time.

13. Pearls

A long pearl necklace is a versatile accessory that can take any look to another level and works for everyone.

14. Aviator sunglasses

The easiest item to accessorize with is a pair of sunglasses, and aviator is the shape that works for everyone and never goes out of style.

15. White shirt

Choose models that look like you took them from a man’s closet. Slim fit comes and goes, but a straight white button-down is here to stay.

16. Silk scarf

Choose the color based on your complexion, eye, and hair colors. The most versatile size is 70x70cm.

17. Pashmina

A wide and long cashmere shawl is that bit of luxury and style everyone needs in their lives.

18. Tank top

We hope that stretchy underwear-like thin-strapped tank tops aren’t in your closet anymore. Go for classic white cotton models instead.

19. T-shirt

A basic white cotton crew-neck T-shirt is everything you need. Choose plain loose-fitting models without any prints or deep cuts.

20. Breton shirt

While you can definitely live without a Breton shirt, it is a classic item that can help you have fun with even the simplest outfits.

21. Pencil dress

A basic pencil dress should pair well with the rest of your wardrobe and can be worn to pretty much any occasion.

22. Sandals

Choose simple models with mid or high heels without excessive decorations.

23. Loafers

Loafers and oxfords are classic men’s shoes that found their (well-deserved) place in women’s closets. Choose basic colors that will match the rest of your wardrobe.

24. Pointed-toe heels

These classic shoes can go with any outfit. Go for black or nude color for the most elegant look.

25. Sneakers

Choose minimalistic options of white or beige sneakers without extra decorations.

26. Boots

Choose knee-high low-heeled black leather boots for the chicest look.

27. Clutch

A stylish clutch bag is a must for evening outings.

28. Medium bag

A book-sized bag with a shoulder strap in beige or black.

29. Tote bag

A large tote bag in black or tan colors.

30. Belt

In addition to a wide belt, choose a basic leather one with a tongue buckle.

Things to keep in mind

When picking up these essential clothing items, you must remember a few things. First of all, they all must work together in one way or another. While you probably won’t wear a cocktail dress over a pair of jeans, it is good to stick to one color palette throughout your collection for a good base. Other than that, the purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to last for a while through all the trend changes. Because of this, you definitely need to invest in high-quality pieces, which will not fall apart after a cycle in a washing machine.

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