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How to spice up any outfit

Sometimes it might seem like all of the stylish people have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even your favorite day-to-day outfits can be taken to the next level with just one detail. Think about the most casual look you can style on a rushed morning. A single accessory, which you probably already own, can make even the most boring of outfits exciting and fashion-forward. So, the next time you’re getting ready to go about your day in a casual outfit, feel free to spice it up using one of these simple tricks.

Wear a jacket

If you are looking at your outfit and think that it's okay but something is missing, a jacket is usually a great way to go. Go for straight oversized models in neutral colors. Whether you are wearing casual jeans or a leather mini skirt, you will be sure to turn quite a few heads with such a simple but stylish addition. Jackets are a great way to play with proportions and bring a sparkle to your silhouette, especially if you are wearing skin-tight clothing besides them.

Pick sunglasses

While most of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes when it's bright outside, shades also make a great accessory. When picking up sunglasses, go for the ones that make you feel cool. There is a lot of advice online regarding choosing shades depending on your face shape, but that is not the best approach. Choose glasses that suit your proportions and are not too overpowering on your face.

Add a belt

It is easy to wear shapeless dresses or oversized sweaters, but looks featuring them also tend to be a bit too basic and boring. A great way to spice up such outfits is by accentuating your waist with a belt. Such a silhouette will help you show off your shape, creating an appearance of a slimmer figure. More than that, an accent belt can be a fun detail in an otherwise-reserved outfit.

Wear high heels

Have you ever looked at another woman’s shoes and felt jealous of what she was wearing? That is exactly what a nice pair of heels can do. Whether you wear sandals in the summer or boots during colder months, heels can instantly make you seem more put together. Besides, you will also feel more confident wearing them. Be sure to choose models that work for you and are comfortable; you don’t have to power through shoes killing your feet all day long.

Choose some jewelry Whether you wear a single engagement ring or a full stack of rings, accessories are great to bring some personality to even the most basic of outfits. Necklaces, bracelets, and even brooches from whatever material and with whatever jewels: the world is your oyster. Be sure to keep in mind your skin tone and don’t try to wear every piece of jewelry at once.

Whatever your style is, there are always ways to take it to the next level without too much struggle. Whether you are getting ready for a day in the office or going for a brunch with your girlfriends, there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for superficial comfort. Simply throw on an oversized jacket and a pair of shades, and you will become the stylish icon you deserve to be.

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