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Mastering the Total Black Look

While some shades work better for certain people, black is a color that is universally flattering. You might wonder, then, why do some people look extremely stylish rocking a total black outfit, while others not so much? The details make all the difference. Whether you want to look elegant or edgy, black is the color that can do it all. So, with some self-confidence and these tips up your sleeve, you are sure to master the total black look in no time.

Show some skin

Although we usually tend to go for all-black outfits during colder months, it doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself up completely. Showing a little skin will help break up the block of black fabric and make the look younger and fresher. If the weather allows for it, wear some ripped jeans, a T-shirt, or a mini skirt.

Add a bright accessory

Technically, yes, this will make your outfit not 100% black, but it is still a pretty nice ratio. Adding a colorful bag, a pair of shoes, or a scarf to an (otherwise) all-black look will keep its elegance and timelessness without being too dramatic and harsh. You can also choose a printed or embroidered item of clothing or some bright nail polish for a less obvious pop of color. Rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and necklaces are a great option for jewelry-lovers and watches for those who value practicality.

Play with proportions

It is easy to end up looking like a shapeless ghost when wearing too much black, so be sure to keep your shape and proportions in mind. If you are wearing an oversized T-shirt, opt for skinny jeans instead of a flowy maxi skirt. Mini dresses pair well with chunky boots, and an oversized coat makes every skin-tight outfit look balanced and gorgeous.

Mix up the textures

Black is definitely not the most exciting of all the colors, which is why it is important to shake things up with different fabrics and textures. If you are wearing a knitted sweater, pair it with a leather skirt or pants. Some other great fabric options are velvet, lace, and denim. Try to avoid full-on cotton outfits or you’ll turn out looking dull and boring (although undoubtedly pretty comfortable).

Don’t forget about makeup

While it is definitely flattering, black is a strong color that has the potential of washing you out. To avoid this, be sure to add some color to your face so that people see you before they see your clothes. However, be mindful that with how powerful black is, you should not overdo it with your makeup. Instead of a bold black lip go for a nude gloss or a classic red lipstick, if the occasion calls for it. Avoid hard contouring and keep your face fresh for the best look possible.

Total black outfits are great for many of us because they take some time and pressure off getting ready in the morning. However, it is also easy to end up wearing a dull and shapeless outfit, which washes you out and does nothing to compliment your appearance. To avoid a fashion fail, keep in mind these simple techniques when planning your total-black looks, and you’ll be sure to turn heads (for a good reason).

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