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What Is French Girl Style?

If you have been following fashion trends on the Internet recently, you might have noticed that seemingly everyone is obsessed with the Parisian style. There is also a chance that you find yourself wondering what the French girl style actually is. So, let's go over everything that makes the French-girl style so popular and chic.

What does French style look like

Have you noticed that every Parisian fashionista looks like she just rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes that happen to match perfectly, and hit the town? Effortless elegance is probably the best way to describe French style. "Less is more" is the approach you should take. Neutral colors, classic silhouettes, and minimal makeup are what make the Parisian style so distinct, especially when compared to the tendencies of many US-based fashionistas.

French style in fashion

When it comes to the French style in fashion, you, not a trendy designer piece, should be a star of the show. Basic colors and silhouettes, clean lines, and timeless elegance are the core of the Parisian style. If you want to be able to create such a look with minimum effort, you should consider gathering a collection of basic pieces that work together well — a capsule wardrobe.

How to shop for French-style capsule

The most important thing you must remember when shopping for your French-style capsule is to value quality over quantity. Do not go for the first cheap thing you see on the rack if you want it to last you for a few years. Instead, choose quality fabrics that look and feel chic and expensive. Yes, a silk blouse costs more than a fast-fashion graphic tee, but it will also elevate your look. Go for timeless pieces that will work regardless of the fashion frenzy happening all the time. If you greatly enjoy a certain trend, buy it, but first, make sure you have something in your closet to pair it with.

Top items for French capsule closet

White button-down can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on what you wear it with. Add some jeans for a relaxed casual look or a blazer for a more professional and polished outfit.

Plain tee is a great basic item that pairs well with pretty much anything.

Silk camisole is another basic item that can work great for any day-to-night outfit. Simply complete the look with a blazer and enjoy your day!

Well-tailored blazer should be a little oversized and not too snug on the waistline. It can elevate even the most basic looks, and you'll always look polished and stylish.

High-rise straight jeans are a classic that never left. While the rest of the world is obsessed with skinny jeans, go for a straight-leg model for a more comfortable look.

Cardigan is a fantastic item for when you want to look like a fashion icon but still feel cozy. Go for oversized models, which you can also use as a blanket on the go.

Little black dress is a staple that works for pretty much any occasion. Birthday party? Ballet premiere? Casual workday? Wear a little black dress and don't stress about it.

Black leather handbag is an accessory, which will complete any outfit. Choose models with clean lines and timeless designs.

Trench coat is an all-time favorite of all fashion icons. Go for a classic model to work with any look.

French style in makeup

The main thing that sets the French-style makeup apart is how fresh and elegant it is. French women tend to pay way more attention to their skincare routine than an average American. At the same time, they save up some time on their makeup. To achieve the French makeup look, keep your skin fresh with minimal product, skip the bold eyeliner, and add a pop of color with red or dark berry lipstick.

French-style hair

Just like makeup and fashion, Parisian-like hairstyles are easy to pull off and low-maintenance. Depending on your preferred length, you can go for a layered bob or some longer hair; curtain bangs are also a good idea. Another advantage of French hair is that you can ditch your hair dryer and straightener and just let your hair airdry. Balayage, ombre, and face-framing highlights are only a few of the many low-maintenance hair colors you can get to live your best Parisian fashion life.

If you want to give the French-girl style a try, you should start by going through the clothes you already own and seeing what you already know works for you.

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Marina Mazur
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